What would you write if you were covering Paris Hilton in court?

Paris Hilton arrives to testify.
Paris Hilton arrives to testify. Associated Press

MIAMI — First, the news: Paris Hilton fixed her makeup while the judge spoke.

Chief Judge Federico Moreno didn't seem to notice as the television star dabbed on some blush and quickly refreshed her lip gloss at the defense table on day two of her civil trial in Miami for an alleged breach of contract.

At the time, Moreno was asking an attorney at the plaintiff's table why Hilton should have to pay $8 million in damages to a Miami entertainment company.

The trustee for the company, Worldwide Entertainment Group, sued Hilton, saying she did not live up to her obligation to promote Pledge This!, a 2006 movie in which she starred as a sorority president.

Hilton's lawyers say she did her best to promote the bomb, but that nothing can save a bad movie from poor sales.

Hilton's status as a stylish socialite compelled Worldwide to pay her $1 million for her role in the $8 million film, and she was certainly the best-dressed person in the half-full courtroom Friday morning.

She arrived at the downtown Ferguson U.S. Courthouse wearing a black sleeveless dress and wore two diamond rings -- one looked like a cat and the other a mouse. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a bun and she wore a sequined headband to match her equality sparkly small, black purse.

She sat up straight in a blue, leather chair at the defense table, having occasional brief chats with one of the two lawyers who sat on either side of her.

Three times she pulled out a small compact and mirror for a quick appearance check while court was in session.

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