EPA fugitive wounded in Fla. Keys gunfight pleads guilty

KEY WEST, Fla. -- The owner of a Utah truck-wash company who told acquaintances he would rather ''go down in a blaze of glory'' than face federal charges of illegally disposing of hazardous chemicals pleaded guilty to seven felony counts Monday.

In a routine Environmental Protection Agency case that turned violent, law enforcement officers shot Larkin Baggett when they attempted to arrest him in Marathon, Fla., in March. The 54-year-old had been on the run from authorities since April 2008 and had been listed as a fugitive on the EPA's Web site.

When officers tried to arrest him, Baggett pointed a semi-automatic rifle with an extra clip of ammo duct-taped to it at one of the agents. He never got off a shot. Officers shot him in the face and buttocks and riddled his travel trailer with bullets. He was hospitalized in critical condition. In his trailer and truck, police found 3,000 rounds of ammunition to go with his eight weapons.

Now, instead of a possible three- to five-year sentence for violating the Clean Water Act and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act in Utah, Baggett faces up to 90 additional years for stockpiling eight weapons and threatening the officers attempting to arrest him. Baggett pleaded guilty Monday in Key West federal court to felonies including illegal dumping, threatening federal agents and illegally possessing weapons. He will be sentenced on Oct. 14.

It was the EPA's first officer-involved shooting case since the federal agency instituted a criminal enforcement division in 1982

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