Swine flu spreading at two Florida prisons

MIAMI — Thirteen female inmates in the women's dorm at the Homestead Correctional Institute have been confirmed with swine flu (H1N1), and one has been hospitalized, health officials said Friday.

The cases were confirmed between June 19 and Thursday, said Dr. Fermen Leguen, epidemiologist for the Miami-Dade Health Department. Most of the cases are mild, he said.

Social visits have been suspended, and dormitories with confirmed cases have been quarantined, preventing residents from mixing with those from other dorms, according to Jo Ellyn Rackleff, spokeswoman for the Florida Department of Corrections.

Meanwhile at Krome Detention Facility in West Dade, where visitations have been suspended since several swine flu cases were confirmed June 12. one more case — that of a staff member — was confirmed Friday, bringing the total confirmed cases there to six. An additional 20 detainees had or have flu-like symptoms at Krome, but cannot be tested for swine flu because they have been given antiviral medicine, which invalidates such testing.

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