Alaska couple charged with molesting wife's sister for years

A married Chugiak couple who gave a years-long "sexual education course" to the woman's teenage sister have been charged with six counts each of felony sexual abuse of a minor, according to charges filed in Palmer court.

Joshua Peter Mead, 30, and Shannon Rose Mead, 24, were being held Monday at the Mat-Su pretrial facility on allegations they began molesting and raping Shannon Mead's little sister when she was 13 and continuing until she was 17, charges say.

Shannon Mead is also charged with incest.

The victim, who is now 18 and has a last name different from her sister's, told troopers about the alleged molestation last month, saying she didn't realize the conduct was wrong until she was 17, according to charges filed in court by Alaska State Troopers investigator David Bower.

The girl said Joshua Mead began groping and fondling her when she was 13 and the encounters soon progressed to include intercourse. Shannon Mead also sometimes took part in "threesomes," molesting the girl together with her husband, the charges say. The couple took nude pictures of the girl and also made her watch them have sex, the charges say.

"(The girl) said she was told by (her sister and brother-in-law) that she was sheltered and that she needed a 'sex education course,' " Bower wrote in his affidavit.

"When (the girl) would refuse to have sex, (her sister) would tell (her) that if she didn't participate, it would ruin their marriage."

Troopers got a wiretap warrant and listened to a conversation between the girl and Shannon Mead last Wednesday, the charges say. In the call, Shannon Mead acknowledged the conduct and said if she had known her sister didn't want to have sex with her husband she would have done something about it, the charges say.

She later passed the phone to Joshua Mead, who said he now realizes that he had hurt her and that he was sorry, but that he continued having sex with the girl because he got used to doing it and "didn't have the strength to overcome the habit," Bower's affidavit says.

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