With nuclear waste piling up, FPL seeks Turkey Point plant rezoning

After more than two million pounds of nuclear waste has piled up in South Dade over 35 years, Florida Power & Light is quietly seeking a zoning change to allow six acres of its Turkey Point site to be used for new above-ground storage casks.

Environmentalists have known for a long time FPL planned to use casks but they knew little, if anything, about the need for a zoning change, which generally allows for public discussion that could lead to modifications of the utility's plans.

''It's news to me,'' said Lloyd Miller of the South Florida National Parks Trust. ''Haven't heard a thing,'' said Mark Oncavage, who follows South Florida energy issues for the Sierra Club. ``I definitely think we should have a say in this.''

''I've heard from two people that something is happening, but no details,'' Audubon's Laura Reynolds said. ``Can you share any details?''

FPL spokesman Tom Veenstra said the utility hasn't been at all secretive about dry storage. ``Information about this project has been on our website since 2006 and since 2007 we have discussed it as part of our ongoing community outreach presentations.''

The website, however, makes no mention of changes needed in zoning.

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