Be careful what you tweet -- it could get you fired

If there's one thing we preach to people getting on Twitter, it's this: Think before you tweet!

That's the message that Gaida Zirkelbach, a West Palm Beach technology and business attorney with Gunster, shared recently at a South Florida Interactive Marketing Association meeting. We spoke with the her about five points she shared at the event to help navigate the potential legal minefield of Twitter.

Exposing company secrets -- Workers can inadvertently send out tweets that convey proprietary or confidential information about the company or its clients.

''A lot of people don't think twice about sending out a tweet,'' she said, adding this is the most likely culprit in the horror stories she hears.

Retaliation/wrongful termination -- Say you want to fire a worker because they're constantly tweeting about how they're slacking off, or worse, complaining about a boss. If your company doesn't have a formal social media policy, firing over tweets can backfire if that worker sues you for wrongful termination.

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