Another advertiser drops Sacramento radio show over transgender comments

SACRAMENTO — The fallout continues over a morning radio show team's comments about transgender youth.

UC Davis Health System has canceled its advertising and end a fund-raising partnership with KRXQ 98 rock as a result of the May 28 comments by disc jockeys Rob Williams and Arnie States on the "Rob, Arnie and Dawn in the Morning" show.

In a segment of the show that day, transgender people were referred to as freaks and one of the disc jockeys, Arnie States, said he would throw a shoe at his son if he ever expressed a desire to wear high heels.

While grateful for fund-raising support the station has provided over the several years to UC Davis Children's Hospital, the disc jockeys' comments were intolerant, wrote Claire Pomeroy, dean of the UC Davis School of Medicine to station owners.

"We reject their statements of intolerance, which were all the more alarming because they were directed at a population -- children who express transgender feelings -- who are especially vulnerable to the prejudice, violence and harm such statements engender," wrote Pomeroy.

Pomeroy also wrote that UC Davis Health System was disappointed that KRXQ did not reject the statements made by the morning radio team.

"We will reassess our relationship at the end of the year, with the hope that KRXQ 98 Rock will at that time prove to be an organization with whom we can partner to advance health for all," Pomeroy wrote.

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