Tweet a little, tweet a lot? Businesses haven't decided

Jen Diaz never parts with her two BlackBerrys, even when overseeing plumbing installation inside her half-painted store. Her scrapbooking and stationery boutique doesn't open for another two weeks, but she already has a substantial presence - on Twitter.

She's closing in on 100 followers of her business account, people she hopes to turn into customers for her store, Oh Scrap, after its grand opening.

“It is such free, great advertising,” she said of the microblogging service. “People who don't use it are at a disadvantage, especially with the younger crowd.”

The free service allows users to post short messages and distribute them to other users via computer or cell phone. Most people use them to communicate with their friends.

But businesses around Charlotte – ranging from Fortune 500 powerhouses such as Duke Energy to restaurants such as Matt's Chicago Dog – are joining the social networking site.

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