Heeere's Conan! But he's still the follow-up act for Jay Leno


In his final appearance in February as the most dangerous guest on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien," Norm Macdonald described Jay Leno's decision to stay at NBC as only he can.

"He outfoxed you again!" Macdonald told the host as O'Brien winced. "Your agent's like, 'There's good news and bad news. You are doing the 'Tonight Show.' It's true. But -- remember that discussion we had where you said, 'I'll never have to f---ing follow Leno again?'"

Leave it to a former fake newscaster to invent a fictional scene that rang oh-so-true. Macdonald's joke certainly speaks to the anxiety many people feel about Conan O'Brien's move into the "Tonight" throne after nearly a 16-year wait.

Ever since O'Brien was crowned the successor to Leno way back in 2004, his fans, myself included, have been waiting for this day.

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