Optimistic campgrounds in South Carolina spruce up for a busy season

Freshly cut picnic tables and power meters that still read zero lined newly laid coquina driveways at the CarrollWoods Coastal Campground off S.C. 9, which opened a month ago despite the country's worst economic downturn in decades.

"Life doesn't stop just because there's a recession," said Byron Carroll, 35, who is running the campground with his family and who put $500,000 into building 30 spots for RVs and tents. "Somehow, we're going to make it through. I won't let it be a failure. It's not even an option."

Carroll is not the only campground owner putting thousands of dollars into his site. Although the recession is forcing many businesses to cut back, several campgrounds across the Grand Strand said the downturn is not stopping them from spending cash to improve their facilities.

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