Washington state 'Star Trek' fans collecting food for charity

In the future envisioned by Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, the world is at peace, no one is homeless and no one goes hungry.

Tri-City Trek fans will try to bring a piece of Roddenberry's vision to life this weekend by using the premiere of the latest Star Trek film to collect food donations for Second Harvest Tri-Cities at Fairchild Cinemas in Pasco.

"That is the heart of Star Trek -- trying to challenge people to do better," said Lea Morgan, a member of the USS Antares, a local chapter of Starfleet International.

At its core, Starfleet is a fan club -- a place for people who love Star Trek and science fiction of all stripes to gather, watch their favorite episodes or movies and have a good time.

But it's also more than a fan club. Members live the ideals of tolerance, diversity, compassion, unity and service that Roddenberry wove into the Star Trek universe at its inception in the mid-1960s.

Morgan said community service is the heart of Starfleet, so the group wanted to do something to improve the community while enjoying the new film.

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