Bike to work: Cyclist shares tips

In 1992, Paul Dorn sold his car, which wouldn't be such a big deal, except he never bought another one. Now he has written a book showing others how to get by with less car use or no car use at all.

"The Bike to Work Guide: Save Gas, Go Green, Get Fit" (Adams Media, $7.95, 218 pages) focuses on helping the 57 million cyclists in the United States "extend the fun they have bicycling on weekends to their daily commute." Co-written by Roni Sarig, the book is especially timely with spring weather and the many bike-related events in May, including "Ride Your Bike to Work Day" on May 14.

Over the years, by accident and happenstance, the once-non-cycling Dorn has become an expert, advocate and adviser on all things bicycles, but especially bike commuting.

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