Hilton Head woman tries to wrestle up support to save 'Big Al,' the alligator

To some, he's known as "Big Al."

Others call him"Norm."

He's a 10-foot-long alligator who has earned such nicknames because of his intimidating size. It's his size that now has some worried he could be a danger, while others work to save his life.

For years, the reptile lived in a lagoon near Port Royal Plantation on Hilton Head Island. That's where he became known as "Big Al."

Last week, though, he went looking for warmer waters -- and probably a mate. The alligator mating season extends through May. He landed in a lagoon, not far from his former home, on property belonging to The Legends condominium complex on Dillon Road.

The lagoon is behind an apartment rented by Susan Conlin.

Conlin named him Norm, then screened in her back porch to protect her two cats, just in case he decided to eat something other than turtles and fish.

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