Water treatment plant threatened by Myrtle Beach area fire

A water treatment plant in Longs could be threatened today by a wildfire that has already destroyed 75 homes and 20,600 acres of land.

The plant is located off Water Lilly Road in Longs and is about a half a mile east of a very ''hot spot'' of the fire, according to Holly Welch, of the S.C. Forestry Commission. Water Lilly Road is located off Long Bay Road Road.

''We had a little area near there get out of control,'' Welch said Saturday morning. ''People should stay away from that area because the fire is very hot and erratic. We're allocating the majority of our resources to that area at this time.''

Officials had speculated Friday afternoon that the fire could be extinguished by Saturday afternoon.

''It just shows what one gust of wind can do ... it can start a whole new fire,'' Welch said.

Welch said that 80 percent of the fire is contained this morning.

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