How a mismatched marriage became a fatal attraction

OKATIE, S.C. — It is hard to imagine two people who had less in common than Catherine "Cathy" Kaminsky Aust and Jose Herrera.

A native of East Orange, N.J., Aust worked as counselor for troubled children at Okatie Elementary School, was a mother of two and a grandmother. A meticulous organizer and planner, she had a soft spot for damaged people and animals, family and friends said.

Herrera, a Los Angeles native with a long criminal record, was hiding out in Hardeeville from parole violation charges that stemmed from a 2005 drug possession conviction. His arms were covered with gang-style tattoos.

A large one on his neck read "INGLEWOOD," the section of L.A. he grew up in. The one on his scalp had a darker message: "Breaking Bitches." He didn't mind a messy home and sometimes let Corona beer bottles fall where they may if he'd had a few after coming home from his landscaping job.

She was 42.

He was 25.

Despite those differences, the two, at least initially, seemed happy.

After being set up by a mutual friend in 2006, they were inseparable -- to the dismay of her family and friends.

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