Fake kidnappings abound on the Internet

The prank kidnapping of a Plano teen last Sunday may not reach the Internet beyond newscasts, but plenty of similar clips are available with the click of a mouse.

Video-sharing Web sites are rife with staged abductions, some so over-the-top and amateurish that they're clearly fake. The giggling and guffaws are dead giveaways.

Police, however, aren't amused, because others are shockingly realistic.

In Plano, officers are worried that someone could get hurt as teens and young adults try to tape their own versions of Punk'd or Jackass.

"There's a bunch of them on YouTube," Heather Bowden, Plano police spokeswoman, said of the clips. "It's the latest fad: 'Do your own kidnapping at Wal-Mart.'

"There's one with a girl late at night, screaming her head off. I thought it was horrific -- people grabbing her and throwing her into a car."

In another clip, a young man faces the camera and says "OK, so we're definitely about to pull this Jackass stunt."

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