Alaskan city bears awaken early

Amy Green always expected to see bears near her new Hillside home. They just weren't supposed to show up in March when the Anchorage Bowl still looks like a snow globe.

"I thought I had at least a few more months of bear-free environment," said Green, who looked out her window across from Hilltop Ski Area on Monday to see a skinny young black bear wandering the street instead of snoring in its den.

"He stopped at the end of my driveway and sniffed my garbage can, because it was trash day, and looked around just kind of bewildered and ambled off," Green said.

The next day she found a notice on her mailbox warning of bear sightings in the neighborhood -- just one more sign that a black bear and a brown bear have been strolling the edges of Anchorage in recent days.

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