Revenge of the eagles? Alaska puppy becomes dinner

When Bobbie Lee Briggs took her 11-week-old puppy, Kookie, out to do its business Saturday morning, she never suspected she might need to protect her young pooch from predators.

Little Kookie, a Chihuahua, was so small, it easily fit into Briggs' hands. She had recently paid $300 for the dog, and brought her home about five weeks ago. On Saturday, when Briggs set Kookie down, an eagle came along to check things out.

"It was a full-grown eagle, and it hit me on the head and shoulders, and knocked me down," Briggs said. "I looked up and saw that he had my puppy."

And the eagle apparently didn't have plans to drop the puppy anytime soon. Briggs wondered if the fierce predator would snap the puppy's neck with it powerful talons.

"She was so small, when I looked up, it looked like the eagle had a mouse in its claws," Briggs explained. "She didn't even struggle. The way she was held by the eagle was the way I would pick her up."

The eagle then continued to fly off, keeping the small dog firm in its clutches.

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