Portuguese water dog owners fear Obama effect

NEW YORK — As someone who's owned a Portuguese water dog for the better part of a decade, Carol McAdams, of State College, thinks one of the breed would be "a great dog in the White House."

“They’re very friendly, and they don’t have aggressiveness bred into them at all,” McAdams said.

McAdams got her 10-year-old dog, Coquille St. Jacques de Nautique — or Koko for short — from her brother. Koko, a champion show dog, has sired about four litters and McAdams said she understands that one of his progeny has been submitted as a candidate for the White House dog.

She doesn’t expect that dog to be selected, but she said the Obamas could do worse for a White House pet.

“They love to be around people,” McAdams said, calling them “big lap dogs.”

But some Portuguese water dog owners aren’t as thrilled at the news that the breed is a front-runner for the first family.

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