On the Scene: Economy inspires Justin Smith’s music

Justin Smith is a historian, his music a capsule of Everyman’s stumbles and triumphs.

With “World Unknown,” the new album that will be released at Headliners in Columbia, S.C. on Saturday night, Smith has injected Everyman’s current unsettled feelings and emotions into a hardened and more muscular sound.

“It used to be a simple life I know / But it’s no longer safe in this world unknown,” Smith laments on the opening song.

“When the economy was good, you had a direction,” Smith said. “Now everybody is living day to day trying to figure out how they’re going to pay the mortgage.”

The economy is in shambles, and the culprit, according to the band, is a faceless person. On “Recession,” the band takes to the streets, as the only thing being stimulated in their life is rage.

“We’re talking about the idea of recession,” Smith said. “We’re basically hunting down recession.”

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