Chandra Levy's family; Closure at last


A smattering of television crews and other assorted media assembled in front of Bob and Susan Levy's north Modesto home Saturday. A neighbor came walking by to get a closer look.

The neighbor, Susan Levy said, led a pet miniature horse.

"It was weird," she said, assessing the atmosphere outside her home. "It was kind of like a carnival."

Or maybe a petting zoo.

The scene, Levy said Monday, seemed mildly reminiscent of what her family experienced during the spring and summer of 2001, after daughter Chandra Levy disappeared in Washington, D.C.

Because Chandra Levy was missing -- and because of her relationship with then-Rep. Gary Condit, D-Ceres -- the national media converged on Modesto when Condit came home during the congressional summer recess. Police in Washington had questioned him about her disappearance but never named a suspect.

Chandra Levy's remains were found in a D.C. park more than a year after she had vanished. Police officials called the Levys on Friday night to tell them they had made a breakthrough in the case, and speculation is that they'll soon charge a 27-year-old illegal immigrant from El Salvador with her murder.

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