Kentucky police investigating YouTube video for cyberbullying

Doug Trantham of Danville is upset about a homemade video posted on YouTube that depicts several boys making sexually explicit comments about two girls, including Trantham's 14-year-old daughter, Marcie.

The 3½ -minute video was posted over the weekend. It was taken off YouTube on Tuesday morning. In the video, which was viewed by the Herald-Leader before it was pulled from the Web site, one young man raps about the girls' genitals while two boys make gestures, some of which are lewd.

Two other young men appear briefly in the video, which appears to have been recorded in the bedroom of a private home.

"It's character assassination," Trantham said. "It's sexually explicit, as if these boys are trying to put it out to the entire world that these are two girls ... that you can get your hands on. It's derogatory, exceptionally derogatory, and vulgar."

Danville Independent Schools Superintendent Bob Rowland said Tuesday, "The only thing I can say at this point is that we are investigating." He said the district "is trying to determine to what extent we have legal authority in this, as it did not happen in school or with school equipment.

"If there are disciplinary matters, we certainly will discipline any students involved," he said.

Danville Police Chief Jay Newell and Assistant Chief Tony Gray could not be reached for comment. But Daryol Bailey, a court designated worker who deals with juvenile cases, said "police are investigating to see what the proper charge would be."

Last year, the state legislature passed a bill requiring schools to have policies in place to deal with "cyberbullying" – any attempt to harass, harm or embarrass someone using the Internet or other technology.

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