Bizarre signs come out in upscale Sacramento neighborhood

The nation's foreclosure crisis has sparked scams nationwide, emboldened squatters and homeless advocates and led to numerous federal indictments.

But this?

Sacramento police were in one of the city's most affluent neighborhoods Tuesday investigating a scheme with a twist: claims that the house involved is under the protection of a sovereign republic and that trespass could be met with "self defense" and "justifiable homicide."

The bizarre case unfolded Tuesday in a gated West Natomas neighborhood that boasts million-dollar homes and some of the city's most prominent residents – think members of the Maloof family.

At issue is a 3,361-square-foot home on Clubside Lane that sold in 2006 for $865,000, assessor's records show. Neighbors say the home has been on the market seven times since then and that the last owner moved out more than a year ago.

It's been vacant ever since.

That all changed over the weekend, when lights suddenly came on and a middle-aged couple started moving stuff in.

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