Sector by sector, 2009 will be another grim year in Florida

A citrus grove in Eustis, Florida.
A citrus grove in Eustis, Florida. Stephen M. Dowell / Orlando Sentinel / MCT

When Will This Horror Show Come to an End? -- the title of a recent report by Wachovia Corp. economists -- aptly summarizes what's on many South Floridians' minds these days.

The deep downturn in the housing market, rampant home foreclosures, rising unemployment, collapsing banks -- and especially the credit crunch -- have most people feeling a bit off-balance.

''The situation is unprecedented,'' said David Denslow, an economist at the University of Florida. "Our ordinary models don't explain what's going on. All those ordinary models aren't working, and now everybody is groping. No one knows what's really salient.''

But this much seems clear: 2009 will be a difficult year.

Here's a sector-by-sector look at how major drivers of the South Florida economy are expected to fare this year.