Beekeepers worry about water

Beekeepers attending a five-day conference in Fresno today say this year's pollination could be affected by an uncertain water supply for almond growers. "If they get less water, they may not pollinate some groves," said Ken Haff, vice president of the honey American Honey Producers Association and a North Dakota beekeeper.

More than 300 beekeepers and industry representatives from across the nation have gathered for the American Honey Producers Association's 40th annual convention.

The central San Joaquin Valley plays a key role for the bee industry that every spring depends on more than 1 million bee colonies to pollinate the region’s almond orchards.

Other concerns debated at the event included the rise of imported Chinese honey and the continuing battle against Colony Collapse Disorder that contributed to death of nearly one third of the U.S. bee colonies last year.