Texas kills road plan at heart of North American conspiracy talk

AUSTIN _ The Trans-Texas Corridor is dead.

Amadeo Saenz Jr., executive director of the Texas Department of Transportation, admitted as much on Tuesday when he unveiled a new plan for handling future cross-state traffic in Texas.

The new plan is known as Innovative Connectivity in Texas/Vision 2009. It's like a much leaner, more restricted version of the Trans-Texas Corridor plan, which was originally unveiled by Gov. Rick Perry in 2001.

The Trans-Texas Corridor became a magnet for controversy during the 2006 governor's race. Opponents accused Perry and state transportation officials of planning to ram tolls down Texans' throats, seize private property for the profit of foreign corporations and even use the road to undermine U.S. sovereignty by creating a North American Union with Mexico and Canada.

So, in making their announcement Tuesday state transportation officials are closing that chapter in Texas history. They really didn't have much choice. State legislators have been warning them for two years that the Trans-Texas Corridor plan was all but dead, and it would be foolish to pursue it.