In east Fort Worth, taking aim at a new wave of panhandling

FORT WORTH — Pushed off street corners, out of parking lots and away from stores, some panhandlers have started going door to door.

Police report that the problem has cropped up across the city, but it’s been more highly publicized in Meadowbrook, where neighborhood associations and Citizens on Patrol members have been working with police to curtail it.

"It seems to be a very small group of people who have adopted this style of panhandling because of our enforcement of the panhandling ordinance on the streets," said Capt. Bryan Sudan of the Police Department’s East Division.

Meadowbrook resident Mike Phipps said the incidents began this year when a woman knocked on his door late at night claiming to work for his elderly neighbor.

The woman asked for gas money to get home to Weatherford, saying she arrived at work to find a note saying that her employer had been taken to the hospital.

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