Doubts remain about 6-year-old Adam Walsh's 1981 murder

MIAMI — From his grave, Ottis Elwood Toole, a career criminal with a penchant for storytelling, still bedevils police.

His numerous murder confessions earned him a spotlight in dozens of unsolved homicide investigations throughout the country and a reputation as one of America's most heinous serial killers.

They also earned the drifter a reputation as one of the country's worst serial liars. Investigators have been unable to confirm many of his stories and in some cases have discounted his confessions altogether.

His most infamous story — of abducting 6-year-old Adam Walsh outside a Hollywood, Fla. Sears store on July 27, 1981, and beheading him in a marshy field near Florida's Turnpike — has sparked controversy anew as Hollywood police this month identified Toole as the man who murdered the child.

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