North Texas should be alert to terrorism, experts say

Another terrorist attack could hit the United States in the next five years — and North Texas could be a key target next time.

By 2013, the U.S. "more likely than not" could be hit by another deadly attack, this time using something possibly like anthrax, according to the new report, World at Risk.

And some fear that North Texas, with its population, sports and entertainment venues and businesses — not to mention the fact that President George W. Bush is moving back here after he leaves office in January — could be a target next time.

"Everybody should be concerned," said Danny Defenbaugh, a former special agent in charge for the FBI in North Texas. "In Dallas-Fort Worth, this is the Metroplex. That should be reason for concern."

Officials released the report by the Commission on the Prevention of WMD Proliferation and Terrorism not to scare Americans but to point out that the government isn’t doing enough to make America safe.

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