A tip: Paper devoted to wanted criminals leads to arrests

A man who had just bought an issue of Kansas City's Most Wanted newspaper called the Tips Hotline last month to ask if police were still looking for a certain fugitive.

Kansas City Police Sgt. Craig Sarver checked the computer and found two valid drug trafficking warrants.

The caller said he knew where the fugitive was.

"How can you be sure?" Sarver asked.

"I’m looking right at him," the man said. "He looks just like his picture in the newspaper."

The tipster — newspaper in hand — tailed the fugitive and relayed his whereabouts to Sarver, who sent officers to make the arrest within 20 minutes.

Later, Sarver, who’s assigned to the Tips Hotline, recommended the tipster get a little extra reward money for his extra effort.

That arrest is one of 90 made because of the Most Wanted newspaper since its inception by the Kansas City Metropolitan Crime Commission about 18 months ago. The commission runs the Tips Hotline.

Crime Commission officials launched the paper in June 2007 but didn’t know what to expect or whether the publication would succeed.

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