Another reason not to let it all hang out on Facebook

An after-school staffer has been fired and a second classroom teacher could face the same fate because of offensive Facebook postings, a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools spokeswoman said Monday.

A total of seven CMS faculty have now been disciplined in connection with pages that WCNC, a Charlotte TV station, found on the social networking site.

Jason Dozier, the after-school staffer, listed "Chillin wit my n-----" as one of his activities; his page also featured a shirtless photo accompanied by a suggestive exchange with a female Facebook friend. Because his job is classified as "at will" employment, he does not have the right to appeal his firing, CMS Chief Communication Officer Nora Carr said Monday.

A high-school special-education teacher has been suspended for using a Facebook "mood box" to post "I'm feeling p----- because I hate my students!" Carr said it is likely she will also lose her job; officials will decide today.

Superintendent Peter Gorman has already recommended firing a Thomasboro Elementary teacher whose page said she was "teaching in the most ghetto school in Charlotte" and described her students as "chitlins."

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