Boise entrepreneur launches Iphone applications: iMakeDecisions

George W. Bush may be The Decider, but imagine how the last eight years might have turned out if he'd had a little help with some of the weightier dilemmas he faced.

Invade Iraq? He might have asked the Magic 8 Ball. "Outlook not so good," the mysterious orb might have cautioned.

What if he'd had more than one deciding tool at his disposal?

Perhaps he could have flipped a coin. Heads: Take Cheney bird hunting. Tails: Cancel eye-gazing with Putin.

Too late for Bush, but just in time to aid the next Decider-in-Chief, Boise entrepreneur Jason Crawforth and a small group of software developers from MobileDataforce have created just such a tool. Called iMakeDecisions, it lets you pick 10 ways to make decisions on the screen of an iPhone or an iPod Touch.

You can use the dart board to choose one of several international currencies. You can use the random number generator to pick a lottery number.

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