Fish tale? Anglers find dog swimming a mile from shore

Dean Lamont is a professional fishing guide, plying the waters around Cape Lookout. Depending upon the season and local conditions, Lamont guides anglers to red drum, speckled trout, false albacore -- whatever species presents the best opportunity.

He can add Labrador retriever to the list.

On Nov. 8, while guiding Tim Wilson of Raleigh and Shingo Mutoh of Durham, Lamont and his party caught (and later released) a yellow Lab more than a mile from the nearest dry land.

"I'm a boater and fisherman, and I'm always looking for fish," said Wilson, who owns a construction management company in Cary, N.C. "I saw something big and blond and thought it was a person."

It was a blond all right, but it had four legs instead of two.

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