Universities post record minority enrollments

When Kameron Mack was choosing a college, he considered two: predominantly black Clark Atlanta University and the predominantly white University of Kansas.

KU won out.

After a recruiter visited a college fair at Mack’s church and he considered the education he would get as a journalism major, Mack set aside his trepidations about life as an African-American on a mostly white campus.

"I thought maybe I’d get a more comfortable education at Clark," Mack said. "But for what I want to do, KU was a better school. I can’t let race or fear come in the way of that."

This fall, Mack joined the second-largest group of African-American freshmen in KU’s history. In fact, KU’s African-American freshman class grew by 28 percent this year, and the number of freshman Latino students increased by 23 percent.

Overall, KU this year has the most racially diverse student body in school history.

Universities in Kansas and Missouri — and nationwide — posted record minority enrollments this year, thanks in part to the diverse freshmen classes they were able to attract.

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