Bicycles on campus: This is how USC students roll

Bikes litter the landscape outside the Capstone dormitory at USC. Mountain bikes, racing bikes, cruisers, even a couple of BMX-style.

On Monday afternoon, there were 48 bikes and hardly any empty slots in the five metal racks. Seven more were locked to trees. One bike frame with no wheels was plopped down next to the bushes.

Capstone’s side yard offers evidence USC’s effort to encourage students to ride bikes is a roaring success. Despite adding 80 new bike racks on campus in the past three years, the university can’t keep up with the demand.

“It’s hard to find a spot over on Main Street (at the physical science complex),” said Wayne Corbett, a junior from Wagener. “It seems like all of (the racks) are always full.”

For the core group of bike enthusiasts who started USCycle in 2000, that’s a wonderful problem. They wanted to improve cycling infrastructure on campus and encourage more students and staffers to ride bikes.

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