Alleged smuggler hid Mexican cartel money

BAY ST. LOUIS, Miss. -- For a brief time this year, an alleged high-flying drug smuggler cruised the Mississippi Coast, rubbing shoulders with locals but attracting no attention from police as he used banks and storage units to hide millions of dollars that authorities now say was stolen from a Mexican cocaine cartel.

Before fleeing the Coast in September, Clemens Fred Tinnemeyer, 51, used the area as a safe haven with his wife, Terri Levy, also known as Terri Mooney. But they also contributed to the local economy: Federal court documents say that while here, the couple bought a $30,000 Corvette and a boat, rented a storage unit and stashed money from alleged illicit drug deals into various bank accounts.

Terri Levy has since given statements to federal agents, saying the couple made numerous trips to Mexico, brought drugs back into the U.S. for sale and distributed them in several states. In the process, Levy estimated, she and her husband collected about $4 million they never returned to the cartel supplying the drugs.

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