Exclusive: Machines often fail to spot winners in S.C. lottery

Lottery players and area retailers say there have been problems — including some winning lottery tickets being counted losers — since the state installed its upgraded computer system that reads tickets last week.

But lottery officials insist the worst is behind them after the Nov. 5 launch of the system.

A lottery official reached Tuesday could not say how many tickets have been misread.

Among the problems reported by players and retailers are:

• Some winning scratch-off tickets were counted as losers and some losing tickets counted as winners.

• Some winning Powerball tickets and other cash-drawing tickets purchased before the new system was installed could not be read and could not be cashed in.

One player said the new system failed repeatedly to accurately read his scratch-off tickets over the past few days.

“I’ve seen half a dozen of these instances since the new machines were installed,” said Ronald Seymour of Newberry, who said he’s had several winning tickets in the lottery’s “Deal or No Deal” scratch-off game denied in the new system.

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