Is more nuclear energy in California's future?

Who knew nuclear power was the new green alternative?

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is now pushing that notion, suggesting that nuclear plants could help the state meet its aggressive long-term goals of reducing carbon emissions.

After previously dismissing nuclear power because of waste storage problems, the Republican governor this year has said it should be considered a serious option among alternative fuels.

"I myself think that nuclear power has a great future, and I think that we should look at it seriously again," Schwarzenegger said at a Santa Barbara conference in March. "I know there are people who are scared about it, and I know there are certain environmentalists that put the scare tactics out there, and they frighten everyone that we're going to have another blowup and all of those things. But I think technology has advanced so much."

State lawmakers imposed a moratorium on building new nuclear plants in 1976. While Schwarzenegger believes California should study nuclear power, he does not propose lifting the ban, said spokeswoman Lisa Page.

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