Zoo's flamingo escapee living the wild life

One thing is certain: This dude has become a jet-setter.

He has been seen gallivanting in Texas, Louisiana and now, apparently, Wisconsin. He has been photographed hanging out with some American flamingo chicks with ties to the Caribbean and with some sandhill cranes from Texas.

And now, this Greater flamingo -- once a resident of the Sedgwick County Zoo -- has been published in one of the nation's most prominent birding magazines.

He's on page 14 of the latest issue of North American Birds under the caption, "Escapee from Sedgwick County Zoo," part of a 15-page article on migratory bird trends.

It has been a long and winding journey for the bird who began his life in Tanzania and spent time in South Africa before being shipped to the United States and the Sedgwick County Zoo in 2004 with a group of 39 other flamingos.

He escaped from the zoo in June 2005 and has been gone ever since.

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