Air Force decides 'cyber war' not worth separate command

BILOXI — U.S. Air Force senior leaders met in Colorado Springs last week and decided to establish a nuclear major command rather than a separate Air Force cyber command.

Biloxi and other cities around the country hoping to be chosen as the headquarters for the U.S. Air Force cyber command learned instead the Air Force will establish a Numbered Air Force for cyber operations within Air Force space command. This is expected to make the cyber force much smaller and less important than originally planned.

The generals also discussed how the Air Force will develop capabilities and train personnel to protect the military and federal government from cyber attacks on computers, radios and other communication equipment.

Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Clark Griffith led the local effort to bring the cyber command headquarters to Keesler Air Force Base. He thinks the cyber effort should still come to the Coast.

All the reasons and rationale used before to make the case that Biloxi is the place to fight the cyber war are still valid if not more valid, he said.

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