Alaska's Powerline Pass famous for viewing moose

The greetings exchanged on the trail between Powerline Pass and the Glen Alps entrance to Chugach State Park say it all:

Find 'em?" asks one balding, middle-aged man.

"See any?" asks another.

Between the people carrying cameras or binoculars, no more need be said. The reason they are here is well-known.

High above Alaska's largest city, fall has sparked an annual mating congregation of majestic bull moose. Thousand-pound animals sporting antlers as wide as a man is tall, they gather along Campbell Creek to joust for mates. The area, once something of a secret among wildlife viewers but now increasingly well-known, offers some of the best moose viewing Alaska has to offer within an easy, half-hour drive from downtown Anchorage.

Photographer Stefan Meyers came all the way from Germany to witness and photograph these animals.

On a bright Wednesday afternoon, he was stalking a grunting, huffing bull with antlers more than 60 inches wide. Single, spearlike brow tines jutting straight out at least a foot from the base of the animal's wide, palmated antlers made this moose appear particularly dangerous.

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