Search teams find human remains at Fossett wreckage site

Federal investigators said Thursday they found human remains amid the wreckage of missing adventurer Steve Fossett's airplane in the mountains of eastern California. The remains were found among a field of debris that stretched 400 feet long and 150 feet wide in a steep section of the Sierra Nevada.

Some personal effects also were found at the crash site but investigators would not describe them in any detail.

"We found human remains, but there's very little. Given the length of time the wreckage has been out there, it's not surprising there's not very much," said National Transportation Safety Board acting Chairman Mark Rosenker said. "I'm not going to elaborate on what it is."

Fossett vanished on a solo flight in a single-engine Bellanca 13 months ago. The mangled debris of the plane was spotted in the air late Wednesday near the town of Mammoth Lakes and was identified by its tail number. Investigators said the plane had slammed straight into a mountainside.

"It was a hard-impact crash, and he would've died instantly," said Jeff Page, emergency management coordinator for Lyon County, Nev., who assisted in the search.

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