Washington authorities charge mother in newborn's death

A woman was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of first-degree manslaughter in connection with the death of her newborn daughter, police said.

Jessica L. Wemhaner, 29, recklessly caused the death of her baby by not seeking medical care after the birth, police allege. An autopsy Tuesday determined that the girl was born alive after a full-term pregnancy, police said.

The cause of death has not been determined.

Wemhaner was transported by ambulance to Providence St. Peter Hospital in Olympia Sunday afternoon, suffering from medical complications. Doctors told officers she bore signs of delivering a baby, but she and her husband, Daniel, 28, denied knowledge of any child, Lacey police said.

Police obtained a warrant and searched the home the couple rents and found the newborn's body shortly after 9 p.m. Police have declined to say where the body was found.

The husband did not know his wife was pregnant or that she had given birth, Lacey police Lt. Jim Mack said.

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