You know it's summer when El Chupacabra shows up

El Chupacabras is back.

And this time, it's alive.

Right on schedule in the middle of a sleepy news summer, the famous fanged beast of Latino folklore has emerged again in South Texas.

On Friday, sheriff’s deputies near Cuero caught on video a weird animal running along a county road.

Judging by their video, this one looks like the other four hybrid coyotes found dead near Cuero since last year — all odd, hairless creatures with long fangs.

They look like miniature versions of the mythical devil beast El Chupacabras, less formally known as the chupacabra.

Patrol trainee Ellie Carter and DeWitt County sheriff’s Cpl. Brandon Riedel were checking fences in the sprawling country southwest of Cuero near Nordheim.

They rounded a corner on Theime Road and saw an animal sitting in the roadway.

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