Pentagon seeks 30 years to life for bin Laden's driver

GUANTANAMO BAY NAVY BASE, Cuba -- A Pentagon prosecutor Thursday cast Osama bin Laden's driver as "a hardened al Qaeda member" and asked the six-member U.S. military jury who convicted him of terrorism to lock him up for 30 years, if not for life.

"Once you see your boss killing people, you leave. You get another job. Period," prosecutor John Murphy told jurors assigned to start deliberating his punishment later in the day.

Defense attorneys countered that the appropriate penalty was 45 months imprisonment, effectively seeking time served.

The same jury on Wednesday convicted Salim Hamdan, 40, of Yemen on five counts of providing material support for terrorism, which the trial judge consolidated into one.

It rejected more serious charges of conspiracy.

"Your sentence should send a message to all others that if anyone thinks of providing material support to the sword of terrorism -- directed at our citizens and the citizens of the world -- there will be painful consequences for those actions," Murphy said.

"Consequences so great that others will think again about linking themselves with the likes of Osama bin Laden, or another Osama bin Laden."