Ex-Veco worker says he was mistaken about BP billing

A former Veco employee backed away from an assertion in an interviewthat some labor costs for the 2000 renovation of Sen. Ted Stevens' home in Girdwood were borne by an oilcompany.

David Anderson, who supervised the project for Veco, an oil fieldservice company implicated in the government’s corruptioninvestigation in Alaska, said he submitted the time slips for the shopelectricians who worked on the Stevens house. But on Sunday, he said hecouldn't be sure how Veco accounted for the labor costs on its books.

Last week, Anderson said some of the labor charges were passed on toan oil company that was paying Veco to build a North Slope module atthe time in its shop, probably BP, though not necessarily with theknowledge of the oil company. He affirmed that Saturday.

But on Sunday, Anderson said he was mistaken and only knew for sure that Vecocovered the costs, not that they were passed through to a Veco client.That accounting took place in a Veco office outside the scope of hisjob, he said Sunday.

Stevens was charged last week in a seven count indictment with failingto disclose more than $250,000 worth of gifts from Veco, most itrelated to renovations of his residence in Girdwood starting in 2000.The indictment said Stevens failed to reimburse Veco for labor,materials and furnishings it provided Stevens from 2000 to 2006.

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