Canton, Kansas, meet Stephen Colbert

So how do the folks of a town with a Smiley for mayor and twin water towers labeled "hot" and "cold" react when the joke is on them?

"Well," said Canton, Kan., banker and City Council president Tom Kueser, "if it hadn’t been us, it would have been Canton, Okla."

Or Canton, Texas. Or Canton, Ill. Or Canton, China.

In classic absurdist fashion, faux blowhard Stephen Colbert used his show on the Comedy Central network Wednesday night to apologize for referring to Canton, Ga., as "the crappy Canton." It had come up in a previous monologue about Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s campaigning in the better-known Canton -- the one in Ohio (Football Hall of Fame, anyone?).

So on Wednesday, he sang the virtues of Canton, Ga., (“oxygen and paved roads”) and explained that there had been a "mix-up."

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