Pet lovers want to know: Do animals have an afterlife?

Carolyn Sharp’s beloved greyhound Starr was 4 years old when she was diagnosed with a deadly form of cancer.

Sharp decided the two of them would stay together as long as Starr was not suffering too much. The greyhound received radiation treatments and pain patches for several months until the veterinarian told Sharp it was time to end it.

“When we went in for the last time, I held her in my arms for the comfort of both of us until she had left,” said Sharp, who lives in Overland Park. “I have still not really made peace with losing her so young.”

Eight years later she still doesn’t understand the “why.” But she is certain she’ll hold Starr again — in an afterlife.

“I believe I’ll have three cats and a whole bunch of dogs waiting for me,” Sharp said.

Is there an afterlife for animals? Or as a popular question puts it, “Do all dogs go to heaven?”

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