Gasoline prices fueling Mitch McConnell reelection battle

The galling gas prices that have dominated national political discourse are now fueling Kentucky's U.S. Senate race, putting both candidates' economic and political IQs to the test.

Republican U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell, who is seeking his fifth term, is hammering the issue on two fronts: on the airwaves with his first commercial against Democratic challenger Bruce Lunsford, and during policy debates in the Senate chamber.

Meanwhile, Lunsford has popped up at filling stations around Kentucky this summer to pump gas for drivers and make his pitch that McConnell has been one of the Washington policy-makers in the driver's seat over the last quarter century that allowed prices to explode. On Thursday, Lunsford unveiled his "eight-point plan for energy independence" in Louisville.

So if the first two slow, hot summer months of the general election campaign are any indication, voters have heard only the opening arguments of this high-octane gasoline debate.

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