As diesel prices soar, Olathe school buses investigate future

As you continue to watch gasoline prices climb beyond $4 a gallon, be thankful for this: You probably aren't driving a school bus.

The average price of diesel hit $4.48 a gallon this week — that is what the Olathe school district will have to pay each time it fuels up one of its 60- to 100-gallon tanks.

Figuring out how much money is needed to fuel the buses never has been a problem until this year, said Mary Lou Coyne, student transportation manager. By comparison, the average price of diesel a gallon was $3.21.

"That has been the main thing as prices continue to skyrocket," Coyne said. "...With the fuel it's been a challenge to try and predict how much the cost will increase in the next year. I guess I need a crystal ball for that."

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